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Spain draw England and Croatia in Nations League

Spain draw England and Croatia in Nations League

Spain have been drawn with England and Croatia in Group 4 of Nations League A, which will begin in September.

The new competition which will see all UEFA nations play in a competitive format, consists of 12 top nations in League A, B, C and D.

Each league is divided into four groups of three teams, with the top team qualifying for a four team tournament.

The group games will take place between September and November and will see each team play a home and away fixture.

The finals are then set to be played in June 2019, before the playoff draw for the Euro 2020 competition.

Below is the full draw for all four leagues and their respective groups.

Full Draw:

League A

Group 1 – Germany, France, Netherlands

Group 2 – Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland

Group 3 – Portugal, Italy, Poland

Group 4 – Spain, England, Croatia

League B

Group 1 – Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic

Group 2 – Russia, Sweden, Turkey

Group 3 – Austria, Bosnia, Northern Ireland

Group 4 – Wales, Republic of Ireland, Denmark

League C

Group 1 – Scotland, Albania, Israel

Group 2 – Hungary, Greece, Finland, Estonia

Group 3 – Slovenia, Norway, Bulgaria, Cyprus

Group 4 – Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Lithuania

League D

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Group 1 – Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Andorra

Group 2 – Belarus, Luxembough, San Marino, Moldova

Group 3 – Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Malta, Kosovo

Group 4 – Gilbraltar, Armenia, Macedonia, Liechenstein