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Real Madrid’s Luka Modric faces five years in prison

Real Madrid’s Luka Modric faces five years in prison

Real Madrid midfield maestro Luka Modric could be facing five years in jail after lying in court during a corruption trial.

Agence France-Presse, via Yahoo, reported that the 32-year-old Croat gave a false testimony during the case against Dinamo Zagreb’s former chief executive Zdravko Mamic in June last year.

However, the prosecutors have not specifically identified Modric by name, just as a Croatian citizen born in 1985, with local media naming the Real Madrid star.

Modric faces jail time

His involvement in the case surrounds his transfer in 2008 from Dinamo to Tottenham, and should he be found guilty, the law in his homeland dictates that he will face up to five years behind bars.

Mamic, along with his brother Zoran and two others, are accused of abusing their power to embezzling over €15 million from the 18-time national champions, while also swindling €1.5 million from the government through player transfers.

Croat changes testimony

Modric testified that an annex to his contract, regarding future transfers, was signed in 2004 while still at the Croatian club.

However, the documentation, which allowed the midfielder to receive half of the transfer fee, was actually drawn up in 2008, after his move to England, as stated by BBC.

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It was also revealed that the Real Madrid player told investigators in 2015 that it had been signed once he was at Tottenham, but the other version of events would work in favour of Mamic.