Andrés Iniesta discusses his Barcelona and national team future

Andrés Iniesta discusses his Barcelona and national team future

March 22, 2018 Off By Monica Villar

Andrés Iniesta gave an interview yesterday to radio programme El Larguero where he discussed his future at Barcelona and with the Spanish national team.

There has been speculation over the midfielder’s future, especially since his post-match interview after Barcelona beat Chelsea 3-0 in the Champions League, where he left his future up in the air. In 2017, Iniesta signed a life-long contract at Barcelona, this means every 30th of April, the player has to decide whether to keep on going for another season, this contract is only valid for his time as a player. When asked if he had plans to pack up and go to China Iniesta said,

“It’s obvious there’s a decision there [to stay on or not], of course I have doubts, I’m in the club of my dreams, a club which has given me so much I feel the warmth and respect of the fans and my teammates, of football in general.

“It’s also a fact that I’m reaching a certain age, other doors open for you, exciting opportunities come along, in the end it’s not a decision that will be based on my love or not for the club it will be a matter of doing what I feel is right. If future injuries allow me and everything goes as normal I see it difficult for me not to be in the starting XI for the next two years.”

Something Iniesta has taken a decision on is his future with the Spanish national team, he feels his time may be up.

“This might be my last World Cup, I don’t want to be here for the sake of it or because of who I have been.

“I would love for my last match with the national team to be the final and what better send-off would it be to win it.”

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