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Celso Borges still believes Deportivo can turn situation around

Celso Borges still believes Deportivo can turn situation around

Deportivo midfielder Celso Borges says that it’s a difficult situation but in no way impossible and that Depor will keep fighting until the end.

Borges, during a post-training interview yesterday said that it’s frustrating because the situation is not entirely in their hands “The worst thing about this is that it’s not just up to us, yes, we have to win but then we have to sit and wait what other teams do. It’s difficult to accept things that we have no control over.”

“We need to win, our responsibility is to win and get points, if we don’t then it doesn’t matter what Levante does.” He concluded.

The Costa Rica international said that at a personal level it hasn’t been the easiest of years as he’s enjoyed less minutes on the pitch. “It’s an atypical situation, yes, although I haven’t had many starts, I have had minutes and I have felt the support of the managers. Just like many professionals you just have to put your head down and work hard.”

Speaking about player injuries, the Deportivo captain said these situations are unfortunate, however there are more players and between everyone they try and keep the same level of play.

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Regarding Saturday’s match against Athletic Bilbao, Borges says the team is “very hopeful because we come from a win which gives us some much-needed confidence and keeps us motivated.”

Borges expects a difficult game, but nonetheless believes the team can pull together and make it two consecutive wins for the Galicians.

The key is to keep a positive mindset, which is difficult for most people, Deportivo are nine points away from safety, with seven games left to play, among them matches against Barcelona, Valencia or Celta. “We need to stay positive; we just have to keep training with courage. I think now is not the time to review the season, the group is concentrated to get Deportivo out of this situation.” He finished.