The Interview: Shanta Ronaldo

The Interview: Shanta Ronaldo

June 10, 2018 Off By Sports Writer

Firstly, Shanta, thankyou very much for speaking with La Liga News UK. So, lets begin with an update on how your career is going at the moment? How has your trial gone with LA Galaxy?

It’s a pleasure attending here!
Well, I’m 20 yrs old and currently I am playing for Odense Boldklub in Denmark.
My goal has always been since I was a kid to play outside of my country and I am still working on it as I have an agent and we try do to the best.
In 2014 I had the opportunity to train with a special academy team at Valdebebas (Real Madrid’s training facilities) for one week where we trained 2 times every day by the club’s coaches. This gave me something unique and mental strength to keep on working hard, especially after training at the best training ground in the world!

My trials with LA Galaxy went in my own opinion amazing. As I always say, I give my best on the pitch and I managed to score 6 goals in 2 games. I’m happy for my performance, especially as I score goals because this is my job on the field as a striker. Everything was amazing and the way coaches and scouts worked in a profesional way was amazing. Something I always say, profesionalism is the key thing.

Looking back on your time with Real Madrid, how did you come about getting into the club and what was the highlight of the week?

Well, I have some contacts who asked the club to give me this opportunity but before they needed to see how I played and I’m grateful to have been there. Absolutely one of the greatest moments so far in my career! I really cannot say my favorite highlight as every second for me was my favorites. To step into Valdebebas and breathing the same air as the profesional players was something amazing and unforgettable
I also scored a lot of goals, I miss this every day!

From there, you moved to Denmark, how was that and how has your time gone with Odense?

Well my goal is to play outside of my country and develop. I’m ready for new challenges. Here at Odense Boldklub I do my job on the pitch and what is most important is the future, you never know. Of course I miss training at Valdebebas and having trials with LA Galaxy as these are my favorite moments of my career but after these beautiful things there will always happen more beautiful things. The mentality of believing and working hard is my mentality.

That is a superb outlook on your career ahead. Have any opportunities popped up for next season, or are you staying with Odense?

To be honest let’s see over the summer. It could be that something surprising would happen or I could stay for a little while. But I’m confident! Even if I will stay I know that the time will come soon to a move! Let’s see, we never what what will happen tomorrow or even today.

You have obviously been compared to Ronaldo for your looks and more, and he is your footballing idol. How have you enjoyed his success and incredible form over the last few seasons?

Yes exactly ! Cristiano has been my idol since he joined Real Madrid in 2009! When he came to the club I saw something unique and day by day he has developed into an EXAMPLE for me. I always say it’s important to look up to the biggest ones when you are in a business where you can learn. One of the greatest thing and my favorite thing about Cristiano today is that he has turned himself into a EFFECTIVE player and effectivity is the key even for me. Many people have idols because they may do nice tricks and dribles but I always say for me Cristiano is my idol because of his mentality. Having the right mentality is for me the most important thing. I enjoy every game he plays because I always analyze how he does, from running to even thinking and that is something I have been doing for many years, mental training as I think football today is 70% mental.
Yes haha! We look like each other but again my focus is on his way of playing!

What else can I say about him? He simply lives to calm down haters and proving he is the best!

So the big question then…. Do you think he will be at Real Madrid next season?

I think that is the question I want to know every day! Haha! I’m sure he will stay because I know his problems with the club will hopefully solve quickly! I’m confident.

We at La Liga News wish you all the very best for next season Shanta, thankyou for talking to us, before you go, can you give us your prediction on the World Cup and who you think will win?

It’s been a pleasure ! Thank you very much! I’m excited for the World Cup! I think this year the World Cup will be the most memorable one for me personally as my teams are in the same group! Iran(I’m Iranian) and Portugal! I hope the best for the two teams and to be honest I think they will be this year’s surprise! A final could be France – Portugal ! Euro’ 2016 final ! And I would go for Portugal! If not Portugal! Then Brazil

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