World Cup 2018: Our Writers’ Predictions

World Cup 2018: Our Writers’ Predictions

June 14, 2018 Off By Campbell Finlayson

With the World Cup finally upon us, kicking off this afternoon with hosts Russia playing Saudi Arabia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, it’s time for us here at La Liga News UK to bring you our writers’ predictions for the tournament.

We have predicted our winner’s of the showpiece event, given who we think will be the tournament’s dark horse and biggest underachievers as well as which players we see winning the Golden Ball and Golden Boot awards come the end of the competition.

So let’s get to it, below you can find our predictions. Let us know if you agree or if you think some things could be different by getting in touch via Twitter or Facebook.



Adam Storer – Brazil

Alex Hammond – France

Ben MacDonald – Spain       Despite the madness of the last few days, I still feel Spain have the strongest squad and play well together                              

Campbell Finlayson – Spain

Daryl Finch – Germany

Jamie Donnelly – Spain

Sam Leveridge – Brazil

Tom Cross – Brazil     There’s a nice balance to the team and I feel they have something to prove after 2014

As you can see, Spain feature prominently in our prediction for tournament winners despite Julen Lopetegui’s late departure with three of our writer’s going with La Roja. Brazil are also among the favourites and again, three of our writer’s plumped for the South Americans.

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Golden Boot

Adam Storer – Neymar (Brazil)

Alex Hammond – Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Ben MacDonald – Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Campbell Finlayson – Antoine Griezmann (France)

Daryl Finch – Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)

Jamie Donnelly – Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Sam Leveridge – Neymar (Brazil)

Tom Cross – Neymar (Brazil)  He’s looked pretty sharp in the friendlies and I think he could easily finish top scorer

Despite three of our writers choosing Spain as their winners, not one Spanish player is picked as top scorer. Instead the South Americans take our fancy with Argentina’s Lionel Messi and Brazil’s Neymar getting two votes each. A second Selecao player, Gabriel Jesus, also gets a vote.


Dark Horse

Adam Storer – England

Alex Hammond – Denmark

Ben MacDonald – Poland

Campbell Finlayson – Nigeria    The Super Eagles may have a tough group but get through it and I see them reaching the quarter finals  

Daryl Finch – Uruguay

Jamie Donnelly – Uruguay

Sam Leveridge – Uruguay     They have a strong squad all over the pitch and could surprise some people

Tom Cross – Uruguay


Uruguay are fancied by many to go further than some others may expect and four of our writer’s agree once more. The rest of us picked four different teams with the World Cup set to be unpredictable and many teams capable of springing a surprise.

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Biggest Underachievers

Adam Storer – Belgium

Alex Hammond – Portugal

Ben MacDonald – England

Campbell Finlayson – Croatia     The Croatians have some world class players but may well struggle in a tough group

Daryl Finch – France

Jamie Donnelly – Argentina

Sam Leveridge – Germany     Manuel Neuer in goal is a weakness and they have no clear Plan B    

Tom Cross – Portugal/Spain

As much as there is the chance of many teams going far in the tournament, there is also a great chance of many teams struggling in the tournament as shown with our predictions with everyone going for a different team. Big hitters such as France, Spain and England are all mentioned.

Golden Ball

Adam Storer – Neymar

Alex Hammond – Lionel Messi

Ben MacDonald – Ousmane Dembele   There’s always one young player that lights up the World Cup and I believe that Ousmane will show his worth for France

Campbell Finlayson – Andres Iniesta

Daryl Finch – Isco

Jamie Donnelly – Neymar

Sam Leveridge – Neymar

Tom Cross – Neymar

With Brazil the favourites of many of our writers, their talisman Neymar is expected to take centre stage according to four of our writers; Adam, Jamie, Sam and Tom. Two Spaniards and one player apiece from France and Argentina also feature.