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Telefonica secure La Liga television rights

Telefonica secure La Liga television rights

With the focus on the Iran/Portugal and Morocco/Spain match, rightly so, La Liga announced that Telefonica had acquired its broadcasting rights.

Telefonica won the bid for the broadcasting rights over Mediapro. The television rights were sold to Telefonica for 980 million euros per season. The agreement is for the next three seasons until 2022. In total, the league will earn roughly 3.4 billion euros. This translates into a 15% percent increase in revenue compared to the prior deal.

With regards to outside television rights, the Control Body renewed a contract with the International Marketing Agency (Mediapro) for the sale of international television rights. The renewal will bring in an additional 4.485 billion euros over the next five seasons. This figure is a 30 percent increase compared to the prior deal which was for three seasons.

Prior to the announced agreement, Javier Tebas, the league president, was looking to receive 1.3 billion euros annually for the rights to broadcast Spanish games. However, the announced figure of 980 million fell short of that mark. But that seemed to be okay for him.

Tebas was said to be satisfied becuase “this result is positive for all those who are part, directly or indirectly, of the Spanish football industry: clubs, winning bidders, sponsors, and, especially, the football fans, win this bidding process.”

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Despite not getting what he initially hoped for, that the league was able to increase the amount of revenue for both domestic and international rights has to be considered a win.

The English Premier League are still ahead when it comes to broadcasting rights as Tebas sees them as something to strive for. The premier league have done a better job of marketing their league despite La Liga boasting the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

What the premier league have also done better is distributed the revenue received from broadcasting rights more evenly among the top flight teams. That is something Tebas, and the league, will have to do a better job of.

The biggest chunk of television money still goes to Barcelona and Real Madrid which put the teams behind them, especially those at the bottom of the table, in an even more disadvantageous position. If La Liga is to become even more competitive, that money has to be distributed more evenly.