La Liga referees set to be highest paid in Europe

La Liga referees set to be highest paid in Europe

July 9, 2018 Off By Bilal Asif

Referees in La Liga are set to be the best paid in Europe from next season after a new agreement was reached.

LaLiga are to take on social security costs as part of the new agreement, which will see a top-flight referee earn between €193,000 and €296,423.

Along with the introduction of VAR into LaLiga, first division referees are set to see their pay cheques rise by more than double (53%) whilst their assistants are set to see a 61% pay rise. These figures are quoted to be reached by the completion of the 2022/2023 season.

For referees in LaLiga Segunda, the rise continues with 67% and 82% respectively for referees and assistants, as the Spanish board sets to make technological integrations into its game.

A breakdown of all these numbers is that a Video Assistant Referee will earn a fee of €1,600 whilst his assistant will get €800.

Other stipulations are that LaLiga will pay for the sponsorship of the official’s shirts, which is valued at €3 million and will be shared out. This comes after their plan to help referee’s stay involved after retirement and help get more people choosing to become referees.

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