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Club Focus: Rayo will prove a tough battle

Club Focus: Rayo will prove a tough battle

@glorioso117 discusses Saturday’s fixture for Alaves against Rayo Vallecano, which is expected to be a tough encounter for the visitors.

The battle that our Glorious ones will have this Saturday, everything indicates that it will be in the Stadium of Vallecas, or so it seems, and it is not because it is in Calle del Clown Fofó, or because it presents the appearance of a Coliseum of the first century, but this is a circus.

Shame aside, it will be a tough battle, the more than 30° heat also adds to the game, and in sports, the on-field battles will be hotter, with a duel between Mubarak Wakaso and Giannelli Imbula being one of the key battles in the game.

We must see what plans the Pitu has to accompany the Ghanaian, give continuity to Darko Brasanac, or go with Manu to put more muscle before such a physical encounter.

Another key to the meeting, could be the duel in which the men of the left wing go head to head as Jony takes on Advíncula, where they will have to measure well to where each one wants to go, and if it is the end who most wants to defend, or the defender who chooses to attack more, a constant and interesting tug of war, and where Duarte will be a luxury guest, allowing the Asturian to be carried away by the siren songs that claim him from the bottom line.

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Otherwise, the return of Maripan to the center of the rear is another unknown, with a tip with less body than Unal or Borja Iglesias, could be Ximo Navarro who repeat, being apart from an express request of the coach.

The return of Sobrino, counting that he is fully fit, will relegate the substitution to one of the two holders in the José Zorrilla…….Calleri? Guidetti? We will see on Saturday.

A beautiful game is presented, beyond the atmosphere that will be generated between the two supports, what is important is what, between the sparks that will jump in the midfield, and the crossing of rays that will be in one of the bands, those that we will short-circuit let’s not be us.

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