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Ousmane Dembele: A self-inflicted target of the Spanish media

Ousmane Dembele: A self-inflicted target of the Spanish media

The young Frenchman’s life in Spain has not been on a bed of roses. His first season at Barcelona was interrupted by injuries, and so far this season, most of the focus from the Spanish newspapers have been on Dembele’s wrongdoings off the field in Barcelona.

The winger has not been showing up for training on time, he has been AWOL after not calling in sick, and through the last couple of days, it has been reported that his ex-landlord from his time in Dortmund is suing the young winger. Allegedly, Dembele left the house he rented in a disastrous state and the owner has sued him for around €20,000.

All of these issues are, of course, something Dembele needs to sort out. As a highly paid footballer and a public figure, you need to be in control of your private life and at least show up on time.

Dembele’s excuse could be, that he is only 21 years old and therefore immature, but those years are so crucial for a player’s future. Through those years, many big talents with little dedication are excluded from those who actually take their careers seriously on and off the pitch.

The same thing could be happening for Dembele if he does not change his attitude. Right now, his behavior causing a lot of concern in the club and filling many pages in the Spanish newspapers.

Every time Dembele slips up, newspapers like SPORT and Mundo Deportivo are ready to sell him immediately as a complete flop. The thing is that Dembele is not a complete flop on the pitch.

Sure, not every move he makes is successful, but with four goals in seven games, his season tally for a winger is good. Many of the errors Dembele makes on the pitch comes from bad decision-making and not passing the ball at the right time. Parts of his game that will develop and get better by him just playing.

Dembele has all of the skills, which can make him a top tier player. Now though, he is in the negative spotlight of the Spanish media and he needs to stop feeding them, or else his future is anywhere else than in Barcelona.

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