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Gareth Bale future in La Liga uncertain amidst UK’s Brexit chaos

Gareth Bale future in La Liga uncertain amidst UK’s Brexit chaos

Welsh super star Gareth Bale could finally be leaving La Liga for the Premier League if the UK exits the EU on 29 March without a deal.

The 29-year-olds future at Real Madrid could now be in jeopardy if there is no deal in place to protect the rights of UK nationals living and working abroad.

This wouldn’t only affect Bale. There are approximately 300,000 UK nationals living and working in Spain, including fellow footballer Patrick Roberts, who is currently on loan at Girona.

There are however ways around the scenario. In order to continue working in Spain under no-deal conditions they would need to obtain work permits.

The British embassy in Madrid is urging brits in Spain to begin the process of registering for the appropriate documents to avoid potential chaos.

Bale has lived in Spain since 2013 following his world-record €101 million move playing major parts in winning three Champions League titles in five seasons.

But despite his glories if the UK leaves the EU on March 29 without a withdrawal agreement, his rights to residency and employment in Spain will become subject to the jurisdiction of Spanish laws.

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Under the terms of the agreement designed by Theresa May, British nationals would have their current employment rights preserved.

But following an historic defeat for that deal in the House of Commons on Tuesday, the possibility of a no deal Brexit is even more likely.

Bale’s agent, Johnathan Barnett told ESPN, that he and his client “would wait and see what happens,” adding that he was “hopeful” that an agreement could be reached.

Legal expert Juan Ignacio Navas also told ESPN: “There is Spanish legislation which cover the rights and liberties of non-EU nationals in Spain.

“The foreign player would need to get permission from the Spanish government in order to live and work in Spain. Put simply, they would need to get a license to work in Spain.

“But we have a law that if you buy a house for half a million euro, or you have a ‘special’ job, it is easier.