Mel announces Deportivo captains

Mel announces Deportivo captains

August 8, 2017 Off By Gerry Johnston

In a move that breaks away from club tradition Pepe Mel has named the five players who will be club captains for Deportivo La Coruna in the coming season.

In recent years the players decided among themselves who their leaders would be but Mel has decided to do things differently and has instead named the players who will lead the group himself.

Last season the team was skippered by Laure, Alex and German Lux but the trio have since left the club so a decision was always going to be made this summer regarding the captaincy.

Mel has decided that his new lieutenants on the field will be Pedro Mosquera, Celso Borges, Sidnei, Juanfran and Fernando Navarro.

The five men are all experienced with Sidnei being the youngest of the group at 27 years old and Fernando Navarro the oldest at 35 years old.

What they don’t have is a long history with the club with none of them having been at the club longer than three years.

While some may consider this a factor with some clubs in Spain giving the captaincy to the longest serving players the truth is the Deportivo squad has changed a lot in recent seasons and there isn’t anyone who has been there for a significant length of time.

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Mel will be hoping that the players he has named will provide leadership and inspire those around them as Deportivo get set to kick off their fourth successive La Liga campaign in just under two weeks time.