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Seri speaks after failed Barcelona move

Jean Michael Seri opened up about his failed transfer move to Barcelona.

After the deal seemed all but done, Barcelona pulled out at the last minute citing “sporting reasons.”

There were also rumors that PSG intervened and tried to raise the price for Barcelona. Once the deal broke down, Seri’s agent, Franklin Mala, spoke to Catalan Radio, RAC1, and confirmed PSG’s involvement.

In the interview, Mala said, “PSG came three days ago. Now PSG is putting pressure on the club to take the player, it’s crazy. They just want to do it to f**k Barça.”

Seri did not play in Nice’s 3-0 loss to Amiens FC as he was still dealing with the fallout of the failed move.

In an interview with Catalan paper, Mundo Deportivo, he blasted Nice and blamed them for the failed negotiations.

When asked how he was doing, he said, “Bad, very bad. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m very affected. For me, football has always been a party, a joy. I did not play with Nice over the weekend because my head is not on football. My dream to go to Barça has been shattered and that, to me, is terrible.”

He was also asked if he knew exactly what led to the negotiations breaking down.

He said, “From what I’ve been able to gather, my exit from Nice has not come to fruition due to financial reasons. I tried to isolate myself from the negotiations because we had a decisive game against Napoli but it’s impossible to forget that Barça was here to finalize my transfer.

Seri also spoke about his reunion with Barcelona and how they never mentioned that they were pulling back their offer. It wasn’t until the following day that he found out that talks had broken.

As far as his reaction when he found out, he said, “Then I went to Nice’s offices to see the directors to find out what happened. Then, I exploded! I assure you the walls shook. The directors of my club wouldn’t tell me anything, they wouldn’t even look me in the eyes. It was clear something had happened. They promised me one thing and then it turns out they couldn’t keep their promise. They asked for more money than what was agreed upon.”

Seri remains hopeful that Barcelona might come back and re-open negotiations. He talked about how other big teams like Juventus, Arsenal, PSG, and Dortmund had been interested in him. He also mentioned Roma and how he’s had several talks with their director of football, Monchi. But none of them interested him as much as Barcelona.

He was asked about Xavi’s comments towards him and Seri could not have been more appreciative. He said that Xavi was always someone he looked up to and how he was honored that Xavi spoke well about him. He wants to meet Xavi in person and thank him for his kind words.

He mentioned all the support he got from Barcelona fans trying to cheer him up after the deal fell through. He even mentioned Saint-Etienne manager and former Barça player, Oscar Garcia.

Finally, when asked about what he thinks will happen, he said, “I am going to wait and leave my destiny in the hands of God. Like millions of people I am a Barcelona fan and whatever happens I’ll always have that club in my heart, though what’s happened has hurt me a lot.”

A candid interview from Seri who still remains hopeful that a deal can be reached and he’ll end up a Barcelona player.

We learned that PSG did indeed influence the negotiations and that the blame lays mostly at the hands of Nice. They tried to play PSG’s involvement to their advantage and it backfired.

It’s obvious that Seri’s relationship with Nice has taken a major hit. One wonders if Nice attempt to contact Barcelona to try to work out another deal.

Seri’s interview is another example that footballer are human too and even they are not immune to the roller coaster that is the transfer window.



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