Benedito collects ballots for no confidence vote

Benedito collects ballots for no confidence vote

September 8, 2017 0 By Gerry Johnston

Augusto Benedito collected the ballot papers for his vote of no confidence in Josip Maria Bartomeu and the current Barcelona board on Friday.

Bartomeu has come under criticism from many sections of Barcelona’s fan base and Benedito has decided to try to force his exit by attempting to get enough Socios to force a referendum on whether Bartomeu should remain in charge of the Catalan giants. The clubs constitution states that any member can force a referendum on the board but they must receive signatures of 15% of the clubs members within 14 days. In this case 15% of the clubs membership amounts to 16,570 and if Benedito gets enough signatures a vote of no confidence would be held and a two thirds majority is required to oust the sitting board.

The situation is complicated enough but further controversy has been added because the two parties disagree on a number of the rules in the process. Barcelona believe the 14 days began when Benedito announced he was trying to get the signatures to oust Bartomeu but Benedito’s team believe the 14 days begin from today when the ballots were collected. There is also further disagreement about whether Saturday’s are included in the 14 days as they are often not considered to be a working day.

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It remains to be seen what will happen regarding the disagreements and no doubt lawyers will be involved but for now Benedito needs to concentrate on getting the signatures required to force the referendum. He has claimed he already has the support of 15,000 Socios but even if he gets all those he needs to find another 1,570 signatures. Once that happens he can then start campaigning to the rest of the Socios to try to get the 66.67% required to remove Bartomeu from office.