Valencia President seeks more fan activity through ‘Fans Area’ project

Valencia President seeks more fan activity through ‘Fans Area’ project

October 10, 2017 Off By Jamie Donnelly

In the presentation of a new fleet of Alfa Romero cars to the senior squad today, Valencia president Anil Murthy was encouraging the idea of more interaction between the club and fans during unveiling of the ‘Fans Area’ project.

In what has been the best year for Valencia football in a long time, the supporters of the club have responded. The opening seven games of the season saw an increase of 8,684 fans in comparison to the numbers of last season.

At this presentation, Murthy announced: “we want the fans back at the stadium, filing it up and turning it into a fortress.”

As part of this ‘Fans Area’ project, the president claims “the Club will work hard to get to know the fans directly in order to build a strong and direct relationship with each and every single one of our fans. No more high words and campaigns, but real actions to show that Valencia CF are true about this”.

To spark of this relationship building, there is going to be an online booking service for – not only local supporters of Los Che – but for internationals also. It may seem a surprise that a club the size of Valencia did not have such systems in place until now. This is a perfect example of how Spain and La Liga clubs trail behind other European counterparts when it comes to administration and off the field organisation.

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At least it’s a step in the right direction for the former Champions League finalists. With their football having improved significantly following the appointment of Marcelino as head coach and with the local supporters buying into this new look Valencia, perhaps they are going back to being a stronger club all round.