Girona selling off the old Montilivi pitch

Girona selling off the old Montilivi pitch

November 1, 2017 Off By Nikki Parsons

Girona announced yesterday that it would be selling off 1000 pieces of the old Montilivi football pitch for 30 euros per piece. Fans can claim their section online or in-person at the new club store that opened this week next to the stadium.

The club says it treated the old pitch when it was removed. Therefore, any purchase will stay as green as the day Girona got the historic draw against Zaragoza to secure promotion to the first division.

The pitch is sold in a frame along with a photograph of the team that was promoted. Alongside it is a list of the names of the players and technical support who were at the club last season. They also include some interesting statistics from last year, such as average attendance.

This year, the club has undergone several renovations to the Montilivi. One of which was the pitch, which is now 97% natural and 3% artificial. Overall the club has made over four million euros worth of improvements since the summer.

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Clearly, the owners felt many fans would appreciate a link to the old surface now that the stadium and the club itself has changed so much this year.

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