Real Madrid defender Marcelo accepts tax fraud charges

Real Madrid defender Marcelo accepts tax fraud charges

November 30, 2017 Off By Sports Writer

Real Madrid defender Marcelo has accepted charges of tax fraud and has agreed to pay a fee back to Spanish authorities.

Spanish tax authorities began looking into the Brazilian’s salary and tax payments last month, claiming he had failed to pay £350,000 worth of image rights.

The report came after several other high profile footballers in La Liga were investigated, featuring Barcelona forward Lionel Messi and team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

The former was handed a prison term which has since been revoked, whilst Ronaldo’s situation is still unclear.

Ronaldo has been in court denying his role in tax evasion worth up to £13m, which also feature the failure to declare image rights.

Former Madrid boss Jose Mourinho was also subject to charges earlier this month, but that case has now reportedly been dropped by authorities after out-of-court agreement.

El Mundo reported that Marcelo declared his image rights money as corporation tax and not personal income, with payments dating back to 2013.

And, following an investigation – the Brazilian has now admitted his wrong doing and agreed to pay a fee of €500k in charges.

The left-back was spared any sort of prison sentence, although given it was his first offence, he would not of spend any time in jail.

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