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We are always on the lookout for NEW writers here at La Liga News UK. If you are passionate about football and would like to gain exposure as a sports writer, we would love to have you apply to be on our writing team.

In order to be considered as a full member of our writing team, we first ask you to submit five trial posts. The posts must be more than 200 words and on a relevant La Liga topic (check our website for ideas and to make sure the topic has not yet been covered).

Below you will find the “submit a post” area, which allows you to submit trial articles. Please make sure that you proofread and use proper formatting where necessary. Do not add pictures, our editors will select an appropriate picture to feature at the top of the article.

If our editors accept your trial article, it will be posted to our site with the byline to “Sports Writer”. Once you have passed the trial period of five articles, we will provide you will your personal login and all articles will be updated with your byline.

The deadline to submit all of your trial articles is over a period of two weeks. We are looking for quality content and writers who are dedicated members of the La Liga News UK team.

We look forward to reading your work and would love to welcome you to our team.

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