Canceling the LaLiga season is not an option: Javier Thebes

Spanish league president Javiga Javier Tebas has explained that canceling the 2019/20 season is not an option, and they are exploring various options and scenarios as the situation develops when new coronaviruses continue to break. The Spanish football industry is one of the hardest hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. As in any other sector, the next step will depend on the Health Authority Board.

“Removing and canceling seasons is not a table choice, but we are looking at various scenarios, such as what happens when we play behind closed doors, what happens when we play with the crowd, and what happens when we don’t play playing games,” Tebas said to reporters from the video call.

“We have to look at all options, but we don’t work for situations where we don’t end the season.

“We want to provide the best health conditions for the players when they continue training, and we want to reduce economic risks.”

This is a health pandemic, but also an economic pandemic, “he added.

The league president provides data on each of these situations, stressing that the estimated macroeconomic impact for the non-recovery season is 1 billion euros. The end of the season behind closed doors will result in losses of 300 million euros and 150 million euros for resumption of fans after this delay.

The match will likely continue behind closed doors, Tebas said: “We will not have fans until the health authorities allow it. The decision does not depend on LaLiga or the club. We know that this can affect the coming season, so we calculate the possible impact.”

Tebas explained that LaLiga takes into account all the details that can lead to different scenarios, e.g. B. whether the game can be played in a regular stadium because of planned repairs or whether a contract with a player still has to be concluded because of club costs. past transfers, compliance with fair financial rules, payments from announcers and after the 2020/21 season.

Tebas also mentioned that the last weekend in May was the first possible date for LaLiga to continue, with European competition taking place in July.

The next choice is the LaLiga and European competitions which will start on June 6 and play an alternative schedule. Finally, LaLiga and other national leagues can start on June 28. European competition resumed in August after the local league ended.

“We cannot set a definitive return date because the Spanish government health authorities need to determine this,” he said.

“There are two ways to set a schedule: one with the national league on weekends and European midweek meetings, or another way to work on finishing the national league first.”

The league president also stressed that the football industry plays an important role in the Spanish economy. That makes up 1.37 percent of Spain’s GDP and around 185,000 jobs, which means that the losses suffered can have a domino effect elsewhere.

The most important thing is that we protect our future, “Tebas said. “We are working here to save the future of football.”

“By acting now, we can ensure that we have a sustainable model,” he added. “We will not forget the responsibility we have.”

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