Spanish LaLiga explains the plan to restart

Given the corona virus pandemic that shook the sports world to the core, many of Europe’s best professional sports tournaments are doing their best to be optimistic about this situation, hoping the game will continue in the near future and in the Spanish Spanish League it can be no exception.
La Liga; The best flight in Spanish football has announced that they will draw up a plan that will continue the season in mid-June behind closed doors.

The split was postponed until further notice in March due to the risk of a continuous coronavirus pandemic.

Spanish Government; After realizing that death and infection seemed to slow down due to disease, they now published a four-phase exit plan.

Provisions on the proposal will allow the football club to return to small group training in early May, as long as players and coaching staff are tested before the session.

UEFA; The European Football Association sets a deadline for the continental leagues on May 25 to state whether they intend to play their season or stop playing.

Spain will suspend all La Liga matches
Countries such as France and the Netherlands may have ended their home football season, with the former even banning all sporting events until September.
When the season ends; The announced options are to cancel the campaign and restart if it is safe, or to provide a title and claim degradation, depending on when the league is canceled.

Or, this could be the basis for a league final table with predictable results, based on previous forms and statistics for the entire season.

Whether one of these methods is fair or not has been the subject of intense debate in the past few weeks, and decisions that will ultimately be made on the subject are not taken lightly.

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