Corona virus five LaLiga players have tested positive

The third Brighton player and five LaLiga players have tested positive for the corona virus because football continues to face the challenge of returning to action.

The player’s last positive test in Brighton comes ahead of Monday’s Premier League meeting, where the club will discuss plans to restart the project to neutralize the season.

Paul Barber, CEO of Brighton, said the unnamed player was isolated for 14 days. The PA news agency expects other team members to continue training at home and in one-on-one sessions at the club’s training ground.

Two other players, whose names were not released by the club, were infected with the virus at the start of the pandemic. They are believed to have recovered since then, but it is unclear whether they have returned or not.

Barber told Sky Sports News: “Unfortunately yesterday we had a positive test for a third player.

“Despite all the actions we have taken in the last few weeks when the players have not participated in any meaningful training at all, we still have other players who have tested positive for the virus.

“There are concerns, and I think it’s normal for all clubs to have concerns. We want to make sure we do our best to ensure that the protocols introduced are safe and reduce risk.”

Meanwhile, LaLiga confirmed that five of his players tested positive for the corona virus.

All five nameless players – in the league of the first two divisions – are asymptomatic and are in the final stages of illness. However, they will be quarantined and will not be able to return to group training until they pass two negative tests.

The Spanish league continued group training this week to continue their league in June.

LaLiga’s statement said: “After completing the medical tests for the minimum staff required by the club to start training, several Covid-19 cases have been identified.

“Specifically, between LaLiga Santander and La Liga SmartBank, five positive cases were found among the players, all of whom were asymptomatic and in the final phase of the disease.”

Player safety concerns are not the only obstacle to restarting the project when talks continue because of plans to restart the Premier League.

Brighton criticized the idea of ​​continuing the game at a neutral location, although he warned that he could violate a football agreement altogether.

It is also understood that Brighton opposes the idea of ​​letting go of the three lowest places at the moment – Norwich, Watford and Aston Villa – when the season cannot end.

Steve Parish, President of Crystal Palace, supported the Premier League club in reaching consensus.

Aston Villa and Watford joined Brighton to play the remaining 92 matches in a neutral position, and this is of course an argument.

But Parish hopes the clubs will unite.

“There is no easy answer. We have to finish it as a team and I think we will succeed and we will finally reach consensus,” he told The Andrew Marr Show.

“(The match) is another part of the journey to regain football. We will give up our commitment if we cannot find a way to get back the match.

“That can be out of our control, we have a big challenge bringing it back at the end of the season, but we plan to do it.”

Some sports returned this weekend. Justin Gettier was named interim champion of the UFC after defeating Tony Ferguson in five UFC 249 classic rounds.

The event took place against a background of strict hygiene guidelines in an almost empty arena in Jacksonville, Florida and was the first UFC show on March 7.

Undeterred by the lack of crowd, the main event was an exciting battle in which defending champion Ferguson took on Gaetje for almost 25 minutes before his penalty was too big.

Prior to this, heavyweight champion Henry Jejudo defended his title with a clear victory in TKO’s second round against Dominic Cruz before announcing his surprise withdrawal in a post-match interview.

Other highlights of the event included Francis Nganuu, who defeated Jairzinho Rosenstruick in just 20 seconds, and Anthony Pettis, who shot veteran Donald Cherone in a difficult battle.

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