LaLiga starts streaming Twitch

LaLiga Spain is the first European football league to launch its own Twitch stream.

LaLiga will release a new suite of compilations, videos and special programs with players, league ambassadors and symbols every week. He will also publish original broadcasts produced by LaLiga North America, the league’s operations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

This weekend’s first week of content between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will focus on ElClásico and include a live warm-up.

“As a global entertainment brand, LaLiga is committed to offering the best products in the world,” said Alfredo Bermejo, director of digital strategy at LaLiga. “The official LaLiga account on Twitch is an opportunity to take the next step in our content and social media strategy. Twitch is a service that allows us to reach new types of audiences and explore new content formats to our global fan base to reach.”

Farhan Ahmed, Manager of Twitch’s Strategic Partnerships, added, “The LaLiga approach to this collaboration, which aims to increase fans through unique content, promises to be innovative, engaging, and impactful. We can’t wait to see them fit into a community of super fans interact and immerse themselves in this content. “”

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