Lionel Messi is next

Will there be another Lionel Messi?

We were repeatedly told that yes, “Next Messi” was found.

However, it never worked like that.

The simple fact is that the Argentine played at a level that was almost impossible for the match.

In modern times only Cristiano Ronaldo can balance his goals. And then there are assists, playmakers, and skills that can make Messi the best of all time.

But we continue to hear that talent scouts have found the next version of the Ballon d’Or winner six times.

That is.

We looked at the 13 players labeled “Next Messi” to see how they ranked.

There are several success stories, but most fail to reach the height that is expected to be achieved.

Bojan Krkic

In 2006, the Foot Mercato website published an article entitled “Bojan Krkić: le futur Messi?”

The Spanish striker is only 16 years old and has a good view of the Barcelona academy. He scored more than 900 goals for their youth team.

But these high hopes affected Boyan and he was never a superstar. He worked briefly with Roma, AK Milan and Ajax before joining Stoke City in 2014.

“However, I know my quality and I know I’m not a Messi,” Boyan, who now plays Montreal with Major League Soccer, told The Guardian last year.

“I’m Boyan. If people want to say,” This person is not the new Messi, well, I’m not the new Messi. “

Mohammed Salah

Lot’s biggest success.

In 2013, ESPN announced that Liverpool were interested in signing Lionel Messi Mohammed Salah from Egypt.

The Reds had to wait four years to get it, but it was worth the wait.

Salah failed at Chelsea but revived his Italian career in Rome and scored 29 goals in 65 Serie A league matches.

This caused Liverpool to spend £ 36.9 million to sign it in 2017, and it was Anfield’s revelation that established itself as a world-class player with Jürgen Klop.

Style and goals Salah, the 2017/18 PFA player, only reinforces this comparison with Messi.

Martin Odegaard

When Real Madrid signed a contract with Martin Odegaard from Norway when he was 16 in 2015, the BBC wrote a story entitled “Martin Odegaard:” The next 16-year-old Messi from Real Madrid. “

At first it seems that this comparison is far from the target. He participated in the Real Madrid youth team but was unable to form the first team and was loaned out.

However, the development of Odegaard with Vitesse in 2018/19 and Real Sociedad in 2019/20 is very impressive and he is now ready to be an important player at the Bernabeu.

He will be Messi’s competitor next season.

Alan Dzagoev

Alan Dzagoev made headlines at the 2012 European Championship at the age of 21 where he was a goal scorer.

Russia has never tested its skills outside Russia, although he has played for CSKA Moscow since 2008.

He is connected with Real Madrid and Chelsea, but remains loyal to CSKA.

Rio Miaichi

Arsene Wenger was happy to sign Japanese winger Rio Miaichi in 2010, and after a decent loan from Feyenoord in 2011, he marked “Messi Japan” and “Riodino”.

A disappointing loan from Bolton Wanders and Wigan Athletic showed that Miyajichi could not cut it in England, but he signed with FC St. Pauli Germany in 2015, where he remains to this day.

Iker Muniain

Unlike others, a comparison with Messi has never pulled Spanish midfielder Iker Muniain out of circulation.

“That is above. People are happy,” Muniain told Nervion Radio in 2016 and told FourFourTwo.

“It never affected me. I always knew who I was.”

The comparison occurred when Muniain shined for Athletic Bilbao as a teenager and had a good career with the Basque club, making more than 400 appearances for him.

Muniain, related to the move to Liverpool and Man United, was appointed captain of his son’s club in 2019.

Ryan Gould

Scottish attacking midfielder Ryan Gould made headlines while at Dundee United and turned to Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon in 2014 for £ 3 million.

Gold qualified for the Sporting reserve team, but never made it into the senior team and only made the first five appearances.

It was given to Vitoria de Setubal, Aves, Fahrense and Hibernian before switching permanently to Fahrenheit in 2019.

Regarding this comparison with Messi, Gould said in the 2019 Daily Journal: “When I went to a cafe in a mall, no one knew my name – but they said, ‘Mini Messi, Mini Messi …’

“Nobody knows that my name is Ryan Gold. And things like that are not good.

“I don’t like it and I don’t welcome it.”

There is no other messi. Players share the same traits and attributes, but no one can group them all together to succeed at the highest level.

But the basic props for Salah are the closest to the draw. Egyptians are recognized superstars and are happy to be seen.

The next time you read an article that claims “the next messi” has been found, soak it with a pinch of salt.

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Tottenham in connection with signing league players – Spurs’ interest has been shown in recent weeks

After a good time from the players in Seville, there are already several European countries who are interested in signing him.

One of these clubs is called Tottenham Hotspur, which according to ABC “did not find the full turn they wanted at Ryan Sesegnon”.

The Spurs are one of more than ten clubs who have contacted Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain in a competition.

Interest has appeared “in the last few weeks”.

Real Madrid, however, are still not sure what to do with the soccer player. It is said that Zinedine Zidane wants to review the progress of his preseason before making a decision.

If they sell it, Real Madrid will reportedly prefer an offer that gives them an opportunity to return it, which Tottenham might reject.

Seville wants to keep Reguilón, but with so much competition, ABC doesn’t sound very confident that the club can succeed.

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LaLiga is unlikely to return before summer

Spanish Health Minister Salvador Ila has warned that football might not return to the country before the summer.

LaLiga President Javier Tebas met with the chairman of the Spanish Football Association (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, last week to discuss his return to the Health Council with coronavirus after more than a month of inactivity.

However, at a press conference on Sunday, Ela said, “I cannot say that football will start again before summer. It will be cruel to me.”

“For all teams, including football, orders from the Ministry of Health remain. We all have to go in the same direction.”

“We need to continue to see how things work to analyze how different professional activities can come back,” he said. “Things will not be the same as before. Even though there is no vaccine, we must learn to live with this virus, which I believe is dangerous and must be respected.

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The three-year period for LaLiga broadcasting agreements in Europe has been abolished

LaLiga, the governing body for the top two levels of Spanish domestic football, was authorized in amending the Royal Decree on the Sale of the Center’s Rights to sell future broadcast rights in Europe for more than a traditional three-year period.

The changes introduced by the Spanish government this week lifted deadlines that set three-year restrictions on the sale of rights in Spain and throughout the European Union.

This law is expected to come into force in the 2022-23 season and will therefore affect internal calls for LaLiga rights in Spain, which are expected to be extended later this year.

Changes to the law on the sale of rights also open the way for LaLiga to follow in the footsteps of the Premier League, which has signed a lucrative six-year rights agreement in the north this year.

The Royal Decree previously stated that “the duration of commercial contracts must not exceed three years”, but has now been changed to “duration of commercial contracts subject to EU competition rules”.

This restriction was originally imposed by the National Commission for Defense of Mercado y la Competencia (CNMC), the guardian of the Spanish competition in 2010, and has been a LaLiga beetle for a decade.

The source suggested that the domestic sales process could be hampered by CNMC’s decision not to allow Telefónica to submit bids for contracts with a term of more than three years.

In its new contract with Nordic Entertainment Group, which runs from 2022 to 23 to 2027 to 28, the English Premier League has a substantial amount of EUR 2.3 billion (US $ 2.5 billion) over a six-year period. received

Traditionally, Britain’s top groups have sold their international broadcast rights on a three-year contract. Exceptions to this rule are six-year contracts that were negotiated in China in 2012 (with Super Sports Media) and in the US market in 2015 (with NBC).

Spanish production and rights agency Mediapro is working with LaLiga to sell broadcasting rights internationally.

Recently, LaLiga and Mediapro negotiated a three-season extension for three seasons between 2021-22 and 2023-24 on April 23 with Danish TV2 commercials.

Transactions with LaLiga are expected to be completed in the European Union in the near future, with post-auction transactions in 15 other fields deemed narrow by the end of February.

LaLiga has continued to increase revenue over the last few cycles, which has resulted in huge returns for its clubs. In the 2018/19 season, 1.42 billion euros of national and international revenues were recently generated for the 20 participating clubs.

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Relevent Sports, LaLiga and Continuously create player export tournaments

Relevent Sports Group has partnered with LaLiga and LeBron James’ Media Continuous Media Company to host soccer competitions only for players with athletes from various sports.

16 professional athletes from the National Basketball Association, National Football League, LaLiga and National Football Football League will take part in the Kick Covid Fifa 20 tournament.

Contributors confirmed were: Chad Johnson (Cincinnati Bengals), DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona Cardinals), Damarios Randall (Las Vegas Reads), Willie Hernangomes (Charlotte Hornets), Clint Capella (Atlanta Hawks), John Collins, John Collins, John Collins (John Collins) USWNT, OL Reign), Lisa Zimouche (Lisa Freestyle, football freestyler, former PSG Academy), vlvaro Morata (Atlético Madrid), Borja Iglesias (Betis Original), Munir Hadaddi (Sevilla FC), Jose Luis Luis Gayà (CF Valencia), Pau Torres (CF Villarreal), Alan Niom (CF Getafe), Alexander Isaac (Real Sociedad) and Fernando Morientes (former Real Madrid legend).

This tournament is a collaborative effort between North American Laiga, Continuity and the Women’s International Champions Cup. Relevent Sports manages the International Champions Cup men’s and women’s tournament and, together with LaLiga, manages LaLiga North America.

It will run from April 25th to April 26th and will raise funds for charities feeding America against the background of the global pandemic Covid-19. Eight teams with two athletes, consisting of LaLiga players with NFL, NBA or NWSL players, will take part in the KO race. Each team plays two 12-minute matches, with a total score determining the winner.

The tournament will be available on Twitch channels and LaLiga social media platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter sustainable platforms, ICC social channels and more than 30 LaLiga channels worldwide, including beIN Sports in the United States. The stations include Jimmy Conrad, Melissa Ortiz, and Phil Schoen.

Daniel Silman, CEO of Relevent Sports, said: “This partnership between Continuous, LaLiga North America and the International Women’s Championship Cup allows us to further promote international football while raising money for such important and important goals. We are building a global WICC platform and advancing the game to bring top clubs and players from Europe closer to North American fans. “”

Maverick Carter, CEO of Uninterrupted, added: “As we live we have shown how connected we are and our love for sports beyond the league, team and country. This tournament is a unique opportunity for the NBA – and NFL athletes with whom we work very closely to connect with players and fans all over the world while performing well here at home and seeing the biggest names in Spanish for our viewers of Football in a completely new way. “

“LaLiga has always been a driver of positive change. With this initiative, we want to bring together the best athletes from around the world, compete, inspire and help in times of difficulty and uncertainties that have never happened before,” said Boris, LaLiga North America CEO Gartner. “We all share a desire to tell stories through sports, and we couldn’t be more excited to connect with existing and new fans in North America.”

The 2020 2020 International Cup men’s tournament was canceled earlier this month by Relevent Sports due to a heart crisis.

A number of other sports properties have also launched important events with athletes from their respective sports, professional players or celebrities to fill the gaps in the racing industry through the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

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Canceling the LaLiga season is not an option: Javier Thebes

Spanish league president Javiga Javier Tebas has explained that canceling the 2019/20 season is not an option, and they are exploring various options and scenarios as the situation develops when new coronaviruses continue to break. The Spanish football industry is one of the hardest hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. As in any other sector, the next step will depend on the Health Authority Board.

“Removing and canceling seasons is not a table choice, but we are looking at various scenarios, such as what happens when we play behind closed doors, what happens when we play with the crowd, and what happens when we don’t play playing games,” Tebas said to reporters from the video call.

“We have to look at all options, but we don’t work for situations where we don’t end the season.

“We want to provide the best health conditions for the players when they continue training, and we want to reduce economic risks.”

This is a health pandemic, but also an economic pandemic, “he added.

The league president provides data on each of these situations, stressing that the estimated macroeconomic impact for the non-recovery season is 1 billion euros. The end of the season behind closed doors will result in losses of 300 million euros and 150 million euros for resumption of fans after this delay.

The match will likely continue behind closed doors, Tebas said: “We will not have fans until the health authorities allow it. The decision does not depend on LaLiga or the club. We know that this can affect the coming season, so we calculate the possible impact.”

Tebas explained that LaLiga takes into account all the details that can lead to different scenarios, e.g. B. whether the game can be played in a regular stadium because of planned repairs or whether a contract with a player still has to be concluded because of club costs. past transfers, compliance with fair financial rules, payments from announcers and after the 2020/21 season.

Tebas also mentioned that the last weekend in May was the first possible date for LaLiga to continue, with European competition taking place in July.

The next choice is the LaLiga and European competitions which will start on June 6 and play an alternative schedule. Finally, LaLiga and other national leagues can start on June 28. European competition resumed in August after the local league ended.

“We cannot set a definitive return date because the Spanish government health authorities need to determine this,” he said.

“There are two ways to set a schedule: one with the national league on weekends and European midweek meetings, or another way to work on finishing the national league first.”

The league president also stressed that the football industry plays an important role in the Spanish economy. That makes up 1.37 percent of Spain’s GDP and around 185,000 jobs, which means that the losses suffered can have a domino effect elsewhere.

The most important thing is that we protect our future, “Tebas said. “We are working here to save the future of football.”

“By acting now, we can ensure that we have a sustainable model,” he added. “We will not forget the responsibility we have.”

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Cristiano will never be like Messi, Mikel Jordan or Federer

Former Italian soccer player Antonio Casano speaks to Sky Sports. He claimed to be “the biggest wasted talent”.

“I am the greatest talent wasted in the last few years because I threw up. I have to change that. I don’t want to practice. I have crossed the line too often.

Casano said: “Real Madrid is the biggest regret.

“My biggest regret is that I didn’t take the opportunity I had when I was playing in the biggest team in history with the strongest players at the time like Zidane, Ronaldo and others at the age of 23. I threw a sensational opportunity.

At the eternal debate, Messi-Cristiano Casano said:

“Cristiano Ronaldo is an innate product. You pay attention to it on social networks, where you see it eating stomachs with children and other things. It talks a lot about the media, less about Messi.

“But football is different. Cristiano Ronaldo is very strong, he built himself. Messi, on the other hand, is like Federer, Jordan and Maradona; something we will never see again in life. He has a great talent for nature. That is a great gift

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That’s enough – it’s about time Chelsea bid farewell to the £ 90,000 weekly eviction

The 26-year-old Batshuai joined the Standard Liège youth system and, after an impressive period under the Belgian team leader, won a move to Marseille. After scoring 18 goals in the 2013/14 season, he moved to France.

In two seasons at the Orange Velodrome, he scored 26 goals in 62 League One matches and made a name for himself before moving to Stamford Bridge. But at Chelsea, the star fought for this season at a price of £ 90,000 per week and was loaned three times. With this term, he came under the command of Frank Lampard so the blue man had to sell it at a reasonable price.

Lampard did an excellent job in his first season as blues manager, putting his team in fourth place at the table. Although the Chelsea youth face many flaws, they have done a good job.

The attack team did a very good job before without a first class option. Tammy Abraham has so far led the line brilliantly, scoring 17 goals before injury. After French World Cup winner Olivier Giroud was forced to play, he resigned to do his job and the former Arsenal star was able to receive some regular start before Batshuay.

Of the 51 goals scored by Chelsea so far, the Belgian international has only contributed 1 goal and 1 assist in the 16 matches he played. Batshuay was unable to convince the manager and appeared to be formless. In this way, he must be allowed to leave until the end of the season, because he only has one year left from his contract with London.

The previous Belgian international spell didn’t help him much and he seems to be in decline. The only good time was when he played for Marseille early in his career. Because of this, blue must make a strong decision about their future.

With Abraham rising to a better striker, it’s time for the club to see its players. Keeping Batshuay in their rankings will also help waste their resources, and thus sales will open the way for changes in composition.

Batshuay spent most of the season on the bench and since Abraham performed well, the manager must try to attract someone who can compete with the young player. This can only happen if you sell your ex-husband from Marseille in the summer.

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The key to fitness and training for the best blocking LaLiga

Training and routines are key to overcoming the challenge of blocking the corona virus, said LaLiga Guillermo Quadra Fernandez from Spain.

LaLiga has been banned since March due to strict social distance measures to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. This has affected the lives of all Spaniards – from construction workers to office workers to top politicians and athletes.

Quadra Fernandez quickly rose to the top of Spanish justice and became an international official in his second year when he took over the La Liga match. Like everyone else, he watched COVID-19 swim around the world, waiting for when normal life could begin again.

“There are signs that the situation in Spain is improving with full commitment and at the moment we should not think about playing anymore. We must wait for the situation to improve. LaLiga is not very important,” he said.

“Human health is the most important and the right actions are being taken. In football, we follow instructions from the (soccer) association, which is recommended by the Ministry of Health and scientists.”

The referee, based in Mallorca, said he was accustomed to his daily work, which was coordinated by the Spanish Federation and UEFA.

“I do a fitness plan at home with a treadmill, a motorbike, and I can do high-intensity exercise with interval training to increase my heart rate,” he said.

“It’s important to maintain our muscles and eat well. So avoid foods that gain weight. I am following UEFA and the association program. I have an individual training plan and diet prepared by coaches and nutritionists as long as there may be a joint plan for all referees.

“I’m fine and I’m used to quarantine, where I only go shopping once a week. Initially it was more difficult because I was less organized, but now I have everything to do with work and relaxation on location. The weather is quite bright at the moment. We has a balcony so I can get some fresh air. “

He also explained how being a referee involved a large number of studies.

“This is an ongoing training and development process,” he said. “You will receive UEFA and association material to study with videos to watch and technical material to take. I continue this at home with physical training.”

Quadra Fernandez lives at home in Mallorca with her colleague, who is a nurse at a local hospital and has seen the impact of the corona virus for the first time.

He continued: “He made direct contact when he treated patients in the hospital so that we could see what was happening and what was the impact.

“We must be very careful not to spread the virus. That means that when he returns from the office, he must wash, change clothes, and disinfect the area … we follow the instructions.”

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