Cristiano will never be like Messi, Mikel Jordan or Federer

Former Italian soccer player Antonio Casano speaks to Sky Sports. He claimed to be “the biggest wasted talent”.

“I am the greatest talent wasted in the last few years because I threw up. I have to change that. I don’t want to practice. I have crossed the line too often.

Casano said: “Real Madrid is the biggest regret.

“My biggest regret is that I didn’t take the opportunity I had when I was playing in the biggest team in history with the strongest players at the time like Zidane, Ronaldo and others at the age of 23. I threw a sensational opportunity.

At the eternal debate, Messi-Cristiano Casano said:

“Cristiano Ronaldo is an innate product. You pay attention to it on social networks, where you see it eating stomachs with children and other things. It talks a lot about the media, less about Messi.

“But football is different. Cristiano Ronaldo is very strong, he built himself. Messi, on the other hand, is like Federer, Jordan and Maradona; something we will never see again in life. He has a great talent for nature. That is a great gift

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