LaLiga can do bank charter flights to make the team play

The Spanish league is ready to pay for charter flights on match day so the team can play when the season in Spain starts again.

LFP President Javier Thebas held a video conference with the best aviation club on Friday, expressing his desire that countries travel to matches as clean and controlled as possible on weekdays so as not to stay in hotels on the night of the match.

This often means that charter flights are beyond the reach of some small clubs. However, LaLiga is open to cover costs and ensure that the season starts again on June 12. The log to restart this for June is still being completed.

Charter trips can also be done by train. It is likely that there will be detailed protocols for rail and air travel that will limit contact between trains and flight attendants and ship crews and, under various regulations, will provide alcohol-based hand disinfectants.

The players are trained in isolation this week and are expected to follow next week.

However, some clubs, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, are located in areas of Spain where blocking restrictions may not be lifted enough to allow them to practice at the bar.

Various steps are discussed before the protocol is completed.

LaLiga wants the team to be quarantined in club facilities or team hotels at the start of the first game, but players are reluctant to be away from their families for so long.

A possible compromise is that players finish with their teammates a week before the season begins again.

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