LaLiga, which hosts the first two divisions of Spanish football, has introduced a new FanCam feature to bring fans closer to the action and enhance everyday experiences.

As part of the FanCam initiative, cameras will be installed at both ends of the LaLiga and Segunda DivisiĆ³n stadiums. Cameras are clearly marked so players know where to focus and where to look when partying in front of fans.

We hope that the initiative launched last weekend creates a connection between players and fans. FanCam was introduced to LaLiga after being successfully used in sports broadcasts in the United States.

According to LaLiga, 62% of the goals were scored by FanCam last weekend, and that figure is expected to rise to 100% in the coming weeks.

This celebration will be shown not only on live TV matches, but also on social media channels LaLiga. LaLiga will also share the photos with players and clubs to share on its own social media channels.

Melsior Soler, director of LaLiga Audiovisual, said, “FanCam is another step in enhancing and personalizing our audiovisual product. We will give fans a more personal and real view of the players and see them up close and personal as they achieve their goal of celebrating the team. them. “”

Soler added, “We hope the players realize the importance of celebrating their goals in front of the FanCam because it brings them into direct contact with their fans. This is why we firmly believe that using FanCam will increase due to continued use.”

Other news, up to 305 fans will attend the Copa del Rey match between Kardasar and Atletico Madrid later this month.

Tier four Cardassar is located on the Balearic island of Mallorca and the club have detailed plans to welcome fans to the match against giants Atletico LaLiga on 16 December.

Cardassar is offering 150 tickets for children and another 100 tickets will be offered to members in the raffle. In addition, 50 media accreditations will be awarded for high-level institutions.

The game marked the return of fans to Spain’s premier football competition, with fans on the continent still unable to participate in La Liga competition.

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