LaLiga is back! Manual reappraisal of team form before blocking

The Bundesliga’s return has been a success and now is the time for LaLiga to continue. June 11 is the date written in your diary. Spanish football returned violently on Thursday night when the Seville derby between Sevilla and Real Betis resumed the 2019/20 campaign at the event.

It has been more than three months since Eibar lost 2-1 to Real Sociedad in the last match before the block at home, and you will forget which players and teams were in good condition before the tragic Coronavirus pandemic.

After the best players have been re-evaluated in the form before the block, this is the ideal opportunity to judge which team flew before the break and who didn’t, just one day after the return of the 2019/20 Laiga campaign.

Interestingly, the four best teams in LaLiga, where they are actually the most formal country. Barcelona currently lead Real Madrid by two points in the overall standings, with Sevilla in third place and Real Sociedad in last place to qualify for the Champions League in fourth place. All four clubs occupy the same place in the ranking of our team.

The ranking of team forms is based on six matches, chronologically weighted, so the latest results have the greatest impact. Barcelona have won five of their last six league matches before the block. The only defeat at Clasico near Madrid blew lives to the title race.

Not only did Zinedine Zidane’s team get better than Barcelona, ​​they also defeated city rivals Atletico at the start of their six-match series. Unfortunately, they were unable to reduce the difference to Barcelona because they lost 2-0 to Classico on both sides.

The top 4 aren’t the only sides that appear correctly before the block. Betis Real, Levante and Alaves occupy 12th, 13th and 14th places in the league and 12th, 13th and 14th in our form guide.

However, this does not apply to all teams. In fact, some clubs like Valencia fight before the break. Los Che is seventh in the league, but only five teams are in worse condition than Albert Kelades (ranking form 6.61). Valencia have only won two of their last six league matches and were beaten 3-0 by Real Sociedad and Getafe in this match.

While Valencia might appreciate the opportunity to sit relaxed during the break, especially on the way to the Bernabeu to return in their second match, the others will not have the same mood.

For those at risk of degradation, Celta Vigo and Leganes, take a three-month break in bad weather. Leganes is second in the league, but with only two defeats in his last six league games, he ranks 11th in our form guide (score 6.64).

Meanwhile, Celta Vigo will continue the campaign in one place in the bottom three, but only five teams are in better condition before the block (score 6.72). Celtic are unbeaten in five league matches before football is arrested. They ran with Madrid and beat Sevilla in that order.

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LaLiga shows free 2019/20 season holidays in nursing homes throughout Spain

LaLiga has announced that it will offer all other games this season in nursing homes throughout Spain for free.

The race is currently stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, but is scheduled to start again on June 11 with the Sevilla derby between Sevilla and Real Betis.

These and all other institutions in Spain’s top group (plus the second tier, LaLiga Smartbank) will be accessible to nursing homes through LaLigaTVBar, a channel dedicated to cafes, bars, restaurants and public places.

“This movement aims to end the isolation and loneliness suffered by residents and staff since the COVID-19 crisis which forced all residents to be held in nursing homes for the elderly,” LaLiga said in a joint declaration with TV company MEDIAPRO.

“After more than 70 days of isolation, the country’s oldest fans can enjoy their favorite team play.

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The LaLiga season will continue with the derby in Seville on June 11, said League President Javier Tebas

LaLiga President Javier Tebas announced that the race would resume on June 11. Sevilla Derby was the first to be played.

Previously, Tebas had announced that there would be a game every day after the first two Spanish divisions became active again after more than two months of inactivity due to the corona virus. Early came a step closer on Saturday after the government gave the green light. so football will resume starting June 8.

“We move to a different phase every Monday (in the government’s de-escalation plan),” Tebas told Movistar. Therefore [Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez] gave the date 8 June. “We have to see which day we start every day of the week.”

In the last few weeks, Theben insisted that LaLiga runs on the launch date on Friday, June 12, and he said on Sunday evening: “It will be safe this weekend. Maybe even Thursday, June 11. We can start with the game for the whole Spain to respect what happened (with Covid-19). “

And when asked which match to choose to restart Spain, he replied, “We want this to be the Sevilla Derby, Sevilla- [Real] Betis.”

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Temperatures in Spain will rise in the summer, when the season usually ends, and Theben has announced that LaLiga is working on climate, because of climate, to choose seasons and dates carefully.

“We work with computer programs and know the temperature for every day and everywhere,” he said. “We look at historical averages. That’s how we work on schedules.

“But if there is a heat wave or a rise in temperature, the game can be reversed.”

The time interval has not been fixed, but Tebas said LaLiga temporarily looked at the match schedule at 5:00 pm, 7:30 pm, and 9:30 pm, with previous games played in cooler regions such as Cantabria.

The 57-year-old added that the return protocol had been agreed, but said the number of journalists who had admitted to the stadium was not.

“We will try to ensure everyone’s health and safety,” he said. “Will will set rules, but he won’t like everyone.”

The clubs can train in groups of 14 on Monday, but four Sevilla players could be fined for breaking the blocking rules on weekends, even though they apologize on Sunday.

“There may be disciplinary measures,” Tebas said. “The players have shown regret and that is positive. We are role models for the community and we must be careful about what we do and what we publish (online).

“I would say to all participants that we cannot have that attitude. Photos are the least. We endanger thousands of jobs. We must be very careful about the things we do in our environment.”

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LaLiga approved the contents of the Japanese SportsNavi portal

Japanese media platform SportsNavi has rebuilt its relationship with LaLiga, making it the first official media partner of the Spanish soccer competition in Japan.

The agreement, which will initially run until the end of this year with an extension option, will give Japanese LaLiga fans access to news about the competition as well as “penetration” of all clubs in first hand.

The first exclusive content available as part of the agreement includes a documentary about the revival of Mallorca by Segunda División B in 2017-18 until returning to LaLiga in 2019-20. Japanese international Takefusa Kubo is currently on loan from Real Madrid in Mallorca.

Rubén González, a LaLiga delegation in Japan, said: “At SportsNavi Inc., we will be able to reach more fans. If we reach them on one of the most important websites in the Japanese media landscape and make it their language, we can generate more interest and knowledge of LaLiga. “”

Since opening a base in Japan in 2017, LaLiga has focused on bringing Japanese fans closer to knowledge about their competition and clubs, and supporting local institutions and leagues in their growth strategies.

As a result, LaLiga signed a trade partnership with HIS and Sony Bank, a cooperation agreement with competitions such as the J-League and Nadeshiko League and opened a Japanese account on Twitter and LINE.

In February 2018, DAZN, an OTT subscription service, strengthened its position in Japan by taking over the sportsNavi Live streaming platform, which is managed by Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. SportsNavi Live’s portfolio of rights, including LaLiga, was acquired by DAZN, which was launched in Japan in August 2016.

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LaLiga opens team training for group 10 with a fresh start on June 12

Today, La Liga clubs have continued group training as they prepare to be active again in June after a long break due to the 19th COVID pandemic.

League president Javier Tebas, who strongly advocates the resumption of the season, insists that clubs in the first two divisions will train in groups of up to 10 players today.

This step follows an announcement by the government on Saturday that will allow sports teams to return to business.

“Confirming the return of group training will help achieve the standard training level,” Tebas told Movistar, a Spanish television company. “It is very important that all teams train at the same level and we are grateful that this is the problem.”

All organized football in Spain has been suspended indefinitely since March 12. Tebas warned that the club would lose up to 1 billion euros if the season does not end.

The club began individual training earlier this month when the match began on June 12 behind closed doors. Tebas said he was even more optimistic about the end of the season after the Bundesliga resumed operations as the first major European league this weekend.

“I sent my congratulations to the Bundesliga because they tried hard for it,” he said.

“We have worked very hard with them over the past few months and exchanged protocols and ideas. I am very proud of the Bundesliga because they are not easy, but they are the first and they are examples to follow.”

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LaLiga can do bank charter flights to make the team play

The Spanish league is ready to pay for charter flights on match day so the team can play when the season in Spain starts again.

LFP President Javier Thebas held a video conference with the best aviation club on Friday, expressing his desire that countries travel to matches as clean and controlled as possible on weekdays so as not to stay in hotels on the night of the match.

This often means that charter flights are beyond the reach of some small clubs. However, LaLiga is open to cover costs and ensure that the season starts again on June 12. The log to restart this for June is still being completed.

Charter trips can also be done by train. It is likely that there will be detailed protocols for rail and air travel that will limit contact between trains and flight attendants and ship crews and, under various regulations, will provide alcohol-based hand disinfectants.

The players are trained in isolation this week and are expected to follow next week.

However, some clubs, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, are located in areas of Spain where blocking restrictions may not be lifted enough to allow them to practice at the bar.

Various steps are discussed before the protocol is completed.

LaLiga wants the team to be quarantined in club facilities or team hotels at the start of the first game, but players are reluctant to be away from their families for so long.

A possible compromise is that players finish with their teammates a week before the season begins again.

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LaLiga stimulates Chinese business with a joint venture Mediapro / Super Sports

LaLiga, Mediapro and Super Sports Media, based in Asia, have established joint ventures in China to promote the Spanish league’s commercial assets.

The new company, Spanish Football Trading and Marketing (SFCM), will work with the LaLiga China office to find new business opportunities in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

SFCM will also strengthen opportunities to promote and sponsor the activation of LaLiga China on location with exclusive promotional packages and organization of eSports tournaments, the press release said.

“LaLiga works with two major business partners offering sponsors and licenses: MEDIAPRO China and Super Sports Media, which have audio-visual rights for LaLiga in China, and AFC (Asian Football Confederation). We want to continue to grow and innovate in this market. “Working with these partners will help us strengthen our strategy and develop in new fields,” said Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga and SFCM board member.

Sergi Torrent (pictured), LaLiga’s Managing Director in China, became CEO of SFCM.

Other board members include Pilar Jiménez, CEO of MEDIAPRO Group Asia Pacific, as President, Oscar Mayo, Director for International Business, Marketing and Development at LaLiga, as Vice President, and Tebas, Jaume Roures, sole administrator of the MEDIAPRO Group. and Yu Lingxiao, CEO of SuperSports.

“This joint venture is an important step in LaLiga’s trading strategy in China. The MEDIAPRO group and Super Sports Media are part of our development in the country, adding local knowledge and new resources with which we can expand the reach of our partners and licensees to expand. , “Torrents said.

LaLiga has introduced a comfortable season for Asian TV viewers in general because it has made a name for itself in a wide area. This is supported by the growth of LaLiga’s social media profiles on Weibo, Douyin and Wechat.

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Corona virus five LaLiga players have tested positive

The third Brighton player and five LaLiga players have tested positive for the corona virus because football continues to face the challenge of returning to action.

The player’s last positive test in Brighton comes ahead of Monday’s Premier League meeting, where the club will discuss plans to restart the project to neutralize the season.

Paul Barber, CEO of Brighton, said the unnamed player was isolated for 14 days. The PA news agency expects other team members to continue training at home and in one-on-one sessions at the club’s training ground.

Two other players, whose names were not released by the club, were infected with the virus at the start of the pandemic. They are believed to have recovered since then, but it is unclear whether they have returned or not.

Barber told Sky Sports News: “Unfortunately yesterday we had a positive test for a third player.

“Despite all the actions we have taken in the last few weeks when the players have not participated in any meaningful training at all, we still have other players who have tested positive for the virus.

“There are concerns, and I think it’s normal for all clubs to have concerns. We want to make sure we do our best to ensure that the protocols introduced are safe and reduce risk.”

Meanwhile, LaLiga confirmed that five of his players tested positive for the corona virus.

All five nameless players – in the league of the first two divisions – are asymptomatic and are in the final stages of illness. However, they will be quarantined and will not be able to return to group training until they pass two negative tests.

The Spanish league continued group training this week to continue their league in June.

LaLiga’s statement said: “After completing the medical tests for the minimum staff required by the club to start training, several Covid-19 cases have been identified.

“Specifically, between LaLiga Santander and La Liga SmartBank, five positive cases were found among the players, all of whom were asymptomatic and in the final phase of the disease.”

Player safety concerns are not the only obstacle to restarting the project when talks continue because of plans to restart the Premier League.

Brighton criticized the idea of ​​continuing the game at a neutral location, although he warned that he could violate a football agreement altogether.

It is also understood that Brighton opposes the idea of ​​letting go of the three lowest places at the moment – Norwich, Watford and Aston Villa – when the season cannot end.

Steve Parish, President of Crystal Palace, supported the Premier League club in reaching consensus.

Aston Villa and Watford joined Brighton to play the remaining 92 matches in a neutral position, and this is of course an argument.

But Parish hopes the clubs will unite.

“There is no easy answer. We have to finish it as a team and I think we will succeed and we will finally reach consensus,” he told The Andrew Marr Show.

“(The match) is another part of the journey to regain football. We will give up our commitment if we cannot find a way to get back the match.

“That can be out of our control, we have a big challenge bringing it back at the end of the season, but we plan to do it.”

Some sports returned this weekend. Justin Gettier was named interim champion of the UFC after defeating Tony Ferguson in five UFC 249 classic rounds.

The event took place against a background of strict hygiene guidelines in an almost empty arena in Jacksonville, Florida and was the first UFC show on March 7.

Undeterred by the lack of crowd, the main event was an exciting battle in which defending champion Ferguson took on Gaetje for almost 25 minutes before his penalty was too big.

Prior to this, heavyweight champion Henry Jejudo defended his title with a clear victory in TKO’s second round against Dominic Cruz before announcing his surprise withdrawal in a post-match interview.

Other highlights of the event included Francis Nganuu, who defeated Jairzinho Rosenstruick in just 20 seconds, and Anthony Pettis, who shot veteran Donald Cherone in a difficult battle.

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Rumor has it that Barcelona and Inter agree Lautaro will come

Inter-Star is still connected with the way “Camp Nou”, where he can play more regularly with Argentine teammate Lionel Messi.

It seems that almost an agreement has been reached.

According to the SPORT cover, Barcelona and Inter concluded a contract for Lautaro Martinez.

  • Juventus still want to sign Manchester United star Paul Pogba. The US reported that Juve offered Premier League clubs Aaron Ramsey and Adrien Rabiot to finalize the deal.
  • Talks about a possible transfer from Miralem Pjanic to Barcelona continue. SPORT claims that Juventus also offer La Liga champion Mattia De Scolio in addition to the midfielder. SPORT also said that Jean-Claire Todibo, on loan from Schalke, could be part of the deal.
  • With 22 goals for Lyon this season, Musa Dembele continues to attract interest in the Premier League. The Daily Daily reports that Manchester United are increasingly confident of reaching the former Celtic striker with a £ 60 million ($ 114 million) deal.
  • Odion Igalo’s loan to Manchester United from Shanghai Shenhua ended in late June. The Sun claims that the attacker wants to extend his stay at Old Trafford. Chinese clubs in the Super League are said to have asked for a transfer fee.
  • Regarding the move to Liverpool, Werder Bremen striker Milot Rashitsa looks set to move to another place. BILD reports that the 23-year-old’s move to RB Leipzig is becoming increasingly possible. Rashitsa has scored seven goals in 20 Bundesliga matches this season.
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Barcelona additional new plans to partner with De Jong

Barcelona signed a 17-year-old talent for a fee of 5 million euros, which could rise to 20 million euros.

Speaking to Pedry during his move, he said: “My dream is to play at Camp Nou because I’m still small. The dressing room in Las Palmas has tried to drive me crazy and says Setién likes my style of play.”

Pedry is looking forward to playing with Frenkie de Jong: “I think I can make the best duet with Frenkie. We get along with each other. Of all the players in the current selection, my playing style is most similar to him, although I play a little further than him, although I play a little further. “

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