LaLiga, which hosts the first two divisions of Spanish football, has introduced a new FanCam feature to bring fans closer to the action and enhance everyday experiences.

As part of the FanCam initiative, cameras will be installed at both ends of the LaLiga and Segunda División stadiums. Cameras are clearly marked so players know where to focus and where to look when partying in front of fans.

We hope that the initiative launched last weekend creates a connection between players and fans. FanCam was introduced to LaLiga after being successfully used in sports broadcasts in the United States.

According to LaLiga, 62% of the goals were scored by FanCam last weekend, and that figure is expected to rise to 100% in the coming weeks.

This celebration will be shown not only on live TV matches, but also on social media channels LaLiga. LaLiga will also share the photos with players and clubs to share on its own social media channels.

Melsior Soler, director of LaLiga Audiovisual, said, “FanCam is another step in enhancing and personalizing our audiovisual product. We will give fans a more personal and real view of the players and see them up close and personal as they achieve their goal of celebrating the team. them. “”

Soler added, “We hope the players realize the importance of celebrating their goals in front of the FanCam because it brings them into direct contact with their fans. This is why we firmly believe that using FanCam will increase due to continued use.”

Other news, up to 305 fans will attend the Copa del Rey match between Kardasar and Atletico Madrid later this month.

Tier four Cardassar is located on the Balearic island of Mallorca and the club have detailed plans to welcome fans to the match against giants Atletico LaLiga on 16 December.

Cardassar is offering 150 tickets for children and another 100 tickets will be offered to members in the raffle. In addition, 50 media accreditations will be awarded for high-level institutions.

The game marked the return of fans to Spain’s premier football competition, with fans on the continent still unable to participate in La Liga competition.

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Lionel Messi for exit but spents time at Man City

La Liga president Javier Tebas stressed that the league will go well and will continue to progress. After Lionel Messi leaves in new talks, a move to Manchester City is very important.

Pep Guardiola’s men will sign the Argentine over the summer when Messi tries to move away from Barcelona.

It didn’t work out, but City were still able to sign the 33-year-old for free after eight months.

Wednesday’s newspapers claim City could even try to sign Messi in January.

However, it seems inevitable that Messi and Barcelona are heading for a split.

His departure will leave a huge void at Barcelona given the crazy record he’s been breaking over the years.

However, Messi’s exit will also leave the league without leaving as a whole.

However, Tabas firmly believes – like Cristiano Ronaldo before him – that the Spanish Primera Liga can handle it.

However, he could not withstand a huge blow against Manchester City.

“We prefer Messi to stay in the league. But Ronaldo and Neymar left and we don’t see any difference,” said Tebas. “We are ready.

“It seems that the only club in the Premier League who are talking about signing Messi is Manchester City, who are playing outside the rules.

“I’m not the only one who said that.

“I don’t really worry about them. I often criticize what they do. It’s okay to do it again.

“This city is not affected by Covid, the pandemic or the like because they are financed differently and it is impossible to fight them off.”

However, after Josep Maria Bartomeu leaves, it is possible that the Argentine superstar will still be left behind.

While many supporters welcomed Bartomeu’s death, Tabas said he should not be held responsible for their growing debt.

“Barcelona is not considering bankruptcy,” he added.

“Their debt may be a little higher, but they paid off completely before Covid. But Covid has emerged and is generating a lot of income. They can’t pay off their debt, so their salaries should be reduced.

“This is a major factor for most clubs. It is not because they were not managed well before.”

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Real Madrid signing a £ 100,000 a week hotspot for Manchester United would be a fine move from Zidane

Why Bruno Fernandez would be a good signature for Real Madrid

The Sun says Real Madrid is following Bruno Fernandez’s situation at Manchester United. The star, who is worth £ 100,000 a week, is reportedly unhappy that he was cut in the first half against Spurs and that there was an altercation between him and Solskjaer in the dressing room. Barcelona is another club that is showing interest.


The 26 year old Portuguese midfielder started his youth career with FC Infesta in 2002 and moved to Boavista after two seasons. There he spent most of his youth career until 2012 when he signed his first senior contract with Novara.

Spells at Novara, Udinese and Sampdoria followed from 2012 to 2017. Although he didn’t have the best of times in Italy, things changed when he moved to Sporting KP in 2017.In 137 appearances for the Portuguese giants, he scored nearly a goal which made a sensible 63 goals. and 52 assists

Manchester United signed him in January last season when he himself moved the club to 3rd in the league, securing football in the Champions League. Even though he may only have played 26 games for them, he already has 24 goal contributions.

Fernandez was a regular for Portuguese youth before starting for the adult team. So far he has made 23 appearances and 2 goals to his name.

Why Real Madrid should sign Fernandez

Real Madrid have a good squad at the moment, but many of their star players are getting older. They have some good young players to use, but it seems too early in the year to follow in the footsteps of these legends.

Real Madrid midfielders Luka Modric and Tony Kroos are 35 and 30 years old, respectively. While Kroos is expected to be out for a few more years, Modric will have to be replaced sooner.

Bruno Fernandez not only solves the problem of aging, but also poses a legitimate threat to the target. He is one of the deadliest midfielders in Europe with the big goal contribution he made to the team.

At 26 years old, he has several years to offer his services. Real Madrid have had no real threat to goals in recent seasons and can score several goals from midfield. Fernandez has to be the man for that. That would be a great signature for Real Madrid.

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Sergeant Coeman has restored the training

Usman Dembele rarely got a pat on the back earlier this week as it looks like he’s been working out on his off day. Knowledgeable television operator Louis Canutt points out: he doesn’t appear alone, he has accepted additional work from Ronald Koeman.

Barcelona’s new coach has rocked a squad of angry and deprived players of the motivation it inherited when he took office, earning respect from the same players in the process.

The task manager, nicknamed “Sergeant Coman”, has a habit of not kicking lightly when he first walks into the new dressing room, but Barcelona players knew when he replaced Quique Setien three months ago that things had to change.

Thomas Müller said when Bayern beat Barça 8-2 in the Champions League quarter-finals: “Before the game started, we warmed up 10 minutes before they appeared. They looked very calm.

The condemnation of Barça’s lack of intensity before the club’s most embarrassing result in Europe is something that makes all players want a fresh start with a more disciplined approach.

Koeman returned to training in the days of the Olympics. That’s what Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique emphasized when they won three times in their first few seasons.

Lawyers say that every player in the group will be wary if they don’t dump players before they have to. In addition, figure coaches can quickly finish off free kicks and corners before they need to practice on the pitch.

This is not the only method Guardiola / Luis Enrique has recovered from.

Players will now have to spend 24 hours in Joan Gamper’s training area at the club one hour before training starts.

Dembele has broken this new rule. Some argued in his defense that he was only 10 minutes late and therefore still at the venue 50 minutes before the start of the session, but this was not ruled out by Koeman, who wanted the players to finish their work well before training. Meeting.

Far from alienating the team with new rules, the players are happy with it. When Ernesto Valverde was replaced in January, sporting director Eric Abidal said some players “didn’t work” for Valverde.

The comment was remembered for having Lionel Messi openly criticize Abidal on social media and ask him to name or he would doubt the whole group.

Messi’s anger stems from the fact that he is a Valverde supporter. Apparently, some of the older players had made a fuss about training, which later reflected in their performances. Abidal found nothing. Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique are two of those who believe the team needs a new push.

Trying to meet Coman in January or Mauricio Pochettino or Xavi, the board failed to achieve any of its objectives and had to turn to Setien, who never won the respect of the squad and whose rules therefore inevitably lead to more – a slightly intense atmosphere around him. Training sessions and games.

Koeman sped things up. He put missiles on some and arms on others’ shoulders. Philippe Coutinho was told he had a future at Barcelona and he was moved to his preferred position just behind the striker for the first four games of the season.

The same thing was said by Antoine Griezmann, although not everyone is able to meet the demand for favorite position at the same time. Coutinho did well against Sevilla and scored a goal. Griezmann missed an opportunity to finish the game and Koeman admitted it after the match.

Perhaps because of his ancestry as a former European Cup and La Liga champion with Barcelona, ​​this openness is accepted by everyone, including those who have been criticized.

This is the coach who disappointed almost everyone at Valencia in 2008. In a recent interview with Sportsmail, Joaquin couldn’t even name Koeman when he mentioned the manager who ran him at Valencia.

But today Koeman is charming to everyone and alienates almost anyone. Even Messi.

The Barcelona captain wants to win first and foremost and he loves the way the team has played in the first four games of the season.

The new 4-2-3-1 system is currently working for him. He starts as team leader but has permission to drop to 10th or swerve to the right.

Messi longs for another serious project that will bring him new success in the Champions League. He was still annoyed by Luis Suarez’s departure, but since the Uruguayan made it clear it was not Coman’s decision to continue.

Koeman still has many battles ahead of him. It is clear that Messi’s priorities have shifted towards Argentina in recent months. He was committed to Barcelona and happy with Koeman, but things have gone so badly that he is now happy to play 180 minutes for his country when he was the first to commit to Barcelona in the past.

Will Koman start Messi on Saturday after his exploits in Bolivia? How do you handle left-back for this weekend’s game against Getafe and when the first mistakes come things will fall apart?

This is a hurdle to overcome, as Koeman believes for now that he has overcome the biggest hurdle – building relationships with teams that come out of the terrible Champions League and the ensuing circus that takes place over the summer and pre-season. closed, shaken. So far so good.

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