That’s enough – it’s about time Chelsea bid farewell to the £ 90,000 weekly eviction

The 26-year-old Batshuai joined the Standard Liège youth system and, after an impressive period under the Belgian team leader, won a move to Marseille. After scoring 18 goals in the 2013/14 season, he moved to France.

In two seasons at the Orange Velodrome, he scored 26 goals in 62 League One matches and made a name for himself before moving to Stamford Bridge. But at Chelsea, the star fought for this season at a price of £ 90,000 per week and was loaned three times. With this term, he came under the command of Frank Lampard so the blue man had to sell it at a reasonable price.

Lampard did an excellent job in his first season as blues manager, putting his team in fourth place at the table. Although the Chelsea youth face many flaws, they have done a good job.

The attack team did a very good job before without a first class option. Tammy Abraham has so far led the line brilliantly, scoring 17 goals before injury. After French World Cup winner Olivier Giroud was forced to play, he resigned to do his job and the former Arsenal star was able to receive some regular start before Batshuay.

Of the 51 goals scored by Chelsea so far, the Belgian international has only contributed 1 goal and 1 assist in the 16 matches he played. Batshuay was unable to convince the manager and appeared to be formless. In this way, he must be allowed to leave until the end of the season, because he only has one year left from his contract with London.

The previous Belgian international spell didn’t help him much and he seems to be in decline. The only good time was when he played for Marseille early in his career. Because of this, blue must make a strong decision about their future.

With Abraham rising to a better striker, it’s time for the club to see its players. Keeping Batshuay in their rankings will also help waste their resources, and thus sales will open the way for changes in composition.

Batshuay spent most of the season on the bench and since Abraham performed well, the manager must try to attract someone who can compete with the young player. This can only happen if you sell your ex-husband from Marseille in the summer.

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