The key to fitness and training for the best blocking LaLiga

Training and routines are key to overcoming the challenge of blocking the corona virus, said LaLiga Guillermo Quadra Fernandez from Spain.

LaLiga has been banned since March due to strict social distance measures to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. This has affected the lives of all Spaniards – from construction workers to office workers to top politicians and athletes.

Quadra Fernandez quickly rose to the top of Spanish justice and became an international official in his second year when he took over the La Liga match. Like everyone else, he watched COVID-19 swim around the world, waiting for when normal life could begin again.

“There are signs that the situation in Spain is improving with full commitment and at the moment we should not think about playing anymore. We must wait for the situation to improve. LaLiga is not very important,” he said.

“Human health is the most important and the right actions are being taken. In football, we follow instructions from the (soccer) association, which is recommended by the Ministry of Health and scientists.”

The referee, based in Mallorca, said he was accustomed to his daily work, which was coordinated by the Spanish Federation and UEFA.

“I do a fitness plan at home with a treadmill, a motorbike, and I can do high-intensity exercise with interval training to increase my heart rate,” he said.

“It’s important to maintain our muscles and eat well. So avoid foods that gain weight. I am following UEFA and the association program. I have an individual training plan and diet prepared by coaches and nutritionists as long as there may be a joint plan for all referees.

“I’m fine and I’m used to quarantine, where I only go shopping once a week. Initially it was more difficult because I was less organized, but now I have everything to do with work and relaxation on location. The weather is quite bright at the moment. We has a balcony so I can get some fresh air. “

He also explained how being a referee involved a large number of studies.

“This is an ongoing training and development process,” he said. “You will receive UEFA and association material to study with videos to watch and technical material to take. I continue this at home with physical training.”

Quadra Fernandez lives at home in Mallorca with her colleague, who is a nurse at a local hospital and has seen the impact of the corona virus for the first time.

He continued: “He made direct contact when he treated patients in the hospital so that we could see what was happening and what was the impact.

“We must be very careful not to spread the virus. That means that when he returns from the office, he must wash, change clothes, and disinfect the area … we follow the instructions.”

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